Three Projects To Make Use Of Tree Removal Timber Using An Alaskan Sawmill


Tree services will do a tree removal and often haul the timber away from your home. If you are a person that likes to do DIY projects and you have a chainsaw, you may want to use the wood for your own projects. The tree service may even give you a discount if they do not have to haul the timber or cut it into smaller pieces for firewood.  Instead you can use an Alaskan sawmill to make usable lumber for your projects.

23 January 2015

How To Identify A Safety Conscious Crane Company


Cranes can accomplish incredible construction feats and make some projects infinitely easier, but they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. A crane accident in New York, NY, in March of 2008, claimed the lives of seven people and another in May led to the death of two more. It is essential that crane companies make safety their first priority. In this article, learn the most common hazards involving crane use and how to ensure that the company you hire takes steps to prevent them:

22 January 2015

Dealing With Residential Water Damage: What To Do While You Wait For Help To Arrive


Immediately following a plumbing emergency, natural disaster, or other flood related crisis, contacting a reputable water damage restoration contractor will be an important part of restoring your home to its previous glory. However, what you do while you wait for this contractor to arrive can be just as important. This is because every moment that passes, the water damage to your home can continue to spread. This is why it is essential that you act quickly to stop the spread of damage while you wait for help to arrive.

8 January 2015

5 Questions About How You Can Use Infrared Technology For Finding Roof Leaks


The latest trend in roofing is infrared technology. Professionals are now able to use it to detect leaks with greater accuracy than ever before. If you have never heard of how infrared technology can detect roof leaks, you probably have some questions about it. How Does The Technology Work? A professional roofer will use a camera to take infrared photos of your home's roof. Instead of taking a traditional photograph, the camera gives a readout of different temperatures.

6 January 2015