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Moving To A New Area With A Lot Of High Winds And Storms? 2 Changes You Should Make To Your Home

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If you are moving to a new area and there are a lot of high winds and storms, you should make changes to the home if it is not already set up correctly. This will help protect your home, as well as you and your family. To help you, below are three changes you can start with. Install Storm Windows If the home currently has standard windows, you should add storm windows.

1 August 2019

3 Things To Consider When Building A Custom Home

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When it comes to buying a home, it can be a challenge to find a home in the location that you desire with the features that you want. If you are having trouble finding a home that suits your needs, budget, and location desires, building a home may be the best option. Many homeowners decide that building a custom home is the best way to get the property that they want.

21 June 2019

Five Reasons Why You Should Have Boundary Surveying Done On Your Property

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There are numerous benefits to having a property surveyed. There are also numerous possibilities for the type of survey you can have performed, including a boundary survey. Boundary surveys can be beneficial in numerous ways. The following are five reasons why you should have boundary surveying done on your property: You can determine the location of corners and monuments. Knowing the boundaries of your property is important for a variety of reasons.

15 May 2019

Are You Remodeling A Farmhouse Kitchen?

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Did you and your spouse decide that you wanted to raise your kids in a country setting? If so, maybe you were lucky enough to find a charming, old farmhouse that provided both a beautiful setting and the space you desired. However, you might have found that the old kitchen isn't what you wanted. From deciding which changes you want in your old farmhouse kitchen to arranging for a remodeling contractor to do the job for you, here are some ideas that might help you.

26 March 2019

Water In The Basement? What Homeowners Should Know About Water Infiltration

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Going downstairs to find damp carpeting or worse, a pool of standing water in the basement of your home, is a sickening feeling for homeowners. In addition to the initial damage caused by the water, homeowners must also worry about the potential for the development of mold and other serious home repair issues. If you are a homeowner who has just discovered a problem with moisture or standing water in the basement of your home, the following information can help you find and solve the problem.

7 February 2019

Home Renovation Services That Make Your Life Better

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Since so much of your property value is linked to things out of your control, such as the economy and environment, improving your property is a duty of ownership. Thankfully, the improvements that make your life better also happen to make your house more valuable.  Thinking differently and ahead of the curve with your home improvements will help you really maximize this value. Your home will be a bonafide winner when you start with a few of these ideas.

29 December 2018

3 Ways Encapsulating Your Crawlspace Can Prevent Problems With Your Home

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Many homeowners only think about their crawlspace once problems occur. By then, the damage has already occurred, and in some cases, you may need to make a considerable investment beyond crawlspace encapsulation to fix problems. Making the investment in your crawlspace now will help you avoid problems later. Energy-Efficiency Your crawlspace can be a major culprit when considering the overall energy-efficiency of your home. When your crawlspace is affecting the temperature inside your home, the results might be more noticeable during the warmer months.

18 November 2018

Why Asphalt Is A Better Choice For Paving In Colder Climates

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Choosing between asphalt and concrete for paving driveways, parking areas and more can be very challenging, since they both have their benefits. Asphalt is often a better choice for those who live in colder climates, though. These are some of the reasons why this is true. It's Easier to See For one thing, during the winter months in colder climates, visibility can be a big issue. Because of its color, seeing a concrete driveway on a snowy day can be very hard to do.

1 October 2018

4 Tips To Prepare Your Home For New Hurricane Screens That Keep You Safe During The Storm

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Hurricane screens are an investment that keeps your home safer during storms. These are special fabrics that are installed on the outside of windows and doors to protect your home and can later be removed after the storm passes. Before you can have hurricane screens installed on your home, you are going to want to prepare for the project. Here are some tips to prepare for the installation of hurricane screens that keep your home safe during storms:

27 August 2018

Common DIY Painting Mistakes

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You visited your local home improvement store and found the perfect color to paint your bedroom. What could go wrong? The answer is — a lot. People often minimize the level of skill necessary to paint, but this is a mistake. If you think painting a room inside your home is a simple task you can do on your own, learn about some of the common mistakes people make. Forgetting to Prep

6 July 2018