Glass, Metal, and Leather: Transform Any Wood Item into Something New


Refinishing wood does not always mean applying stain and polyurethane. There are an endless number of techniques and products available to help each piece fit perfectly with the design style of the home or room. There are many reasons why someone would want to transform wood to make it look like something else. The genuine material might be too expensive, too heavy, or impossible to find. Here are three projects that will help transform any type of wood into something new.

24 August 2016

3 Easy Steps To Extend The Life Of Your Water Heater


Your home's water heater doesn't require a lot of maintenance to function. However, performing the following tasks can extend the life of your water heater and keep it going for longer than if you had left the water heater alone. Maintain the Lowest Comfortable Setting The higher the setting on your water heater, the harder your appliance must work to maintain a good water temperature. If the setting is needlessly high, this can shorten the life of your heater by burning out the heating elements.

10 June 2016

4 Benefits Of Vinyl Fencing Over Wood


When it comes to lawn issues, there are few matters that are more pressing than deciding what sort of material you want a privacy fence to be constructed from. The deciding factors are many, and include issues that range from cost to efficiency to aesthetics. Throughout the course of this brief article, you'll learn about a few of the types of materials from which your fence can be constructed. Cedar Wood Fencing

17 February 2016

Want To Expand Your Half Basement Or Cellar? What To Know


If you want a full basement and you only have a half basement or a cellar,  you'll want to talk with a structural engineer.  There are a variety of factors that will determine if you can expand the basement.  The age of your home, the strength of the structure, and the soil around your property can affect your hopes of getting a full basement. Here are a few things you want to ask the engineer about.

28 January 2016

Building Gravel Road Driveways: Key Tips


Building a gravel road or long driveway on your rural property is a great way to avoid getting stuck in the mud when it rains, a common occurrence with dirt roads. Unlike some other types road or driveway construction, building a gravel road is something a determined do-it-yourselfer can do themselves, as long as they have the proper equipment. A little help from family members or friends is a big asset as well. This article offers a few critical tips for anyone who wants to tackle this ambitious project.

3 January 2016

Important Considerations When Selecting Roofing Materials For A Dome Roof


Dome style roofs are popular for gazebos and architectural details such as dormers or turrets on a main house. The roof essentially resembles an upside down bowl with sharper angles, which can provide a great deal of visual interest depending on the roofing material used. If you have a dome roof that you need a roofing company to repair or replace, there are a few important considerations when selecting new roof materials.

27 October 2015

4 Ways To Improve The Way Your Asphalt Driveway Looks


If you are installing an asphalt driveway on your property, you may already expect it to look great. However, there are some other things you can do to make your driveway look even better. Here are some tips you can use to beautify your driveway. Use Plants A beautiful way for you improve the look of your asphalt driveway is to plant flowers or bushes on either side of it. These plants can provide bright, attractive color that is a stark contrast to the smooth black asphalt.

29 September 2015

Avoid Frozen Pipes With These 4 Tips


All too often during the cold months, plumbers are called out to fix frozen pipes. Frozen pipes create an array of household problems, including a lack of running water for the family. Even worse, frozen pipes are liable to burst. Read on for some preventive steps you can take to avoid the situation altogether. 1. Control the temperature. Reducing the potential for frozen pipes requires keeping the water inside the pipes above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

12 February 2015

How To Troubleshoot Your Television


The last thing you want to do when you turn on your television for your favorite program is to deal with a blank screen. This is only one of many problems you might experience with your TV, as you may have a faded or blurry picture, loud noises, or a large line going across it. Before getting your television repaired, you need to troubleshoot it so you can narrow down the problem.

9 February 2015

Learn How To Turn A Damaged Tree Into Useable Firewood


If you have a tree that has recently been struck by lightning, you need to have it cut down or the damaged area removed right away so that the rest of the tree can thrive. If you leave the tree alone, it will rot and eventually could fall down and cause property damage or injure someone. Hire professionals like Woodland Tree Expert CO to cut down the tree and then you can use the tree as firewood.

29 January 2015