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3 Wood Decking Solutions That Are Ideal For Any Marine Environment

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The look of wood is warm and inviting, but wood can also be susceptible to many problems with wear and rot. These problems can be substantially worse in a marine environment, which is why you may want to consider alternatives to conventional decking materials. There are some wood materials that can be a good choice for decking on a dock or other marine feature, such as tropical hardwoods and cypress. Domestic hardwoods such as white oak can also be a good choice for decking. Here are some of the decking materials you may want to consider for marine structures and their benefits:

1. The Best Tropical Hardwoods To Finish Marine Surfaces

If you are looking for a wood that is naturally durable in marine environments, tropical hardwoods are some of the best choices. There are many different species of tropical lumber that you can choose from for your dock or other surfaces. Ipe is one of the most popular choices and is also one of the most durable materials available. If you want something more affordable than Ipe, try other materials like bullet-wood or cumaru.

2. Cedar And Cypress Solutions For Marine Environments

There are also some softwoods that can be an excellent choice for wood decking in marine environments. Some good examples of this are cypress and cedar species. If you want to have a natural finish and clear look, cypress is a good choice and will only need a protective coating of oil. Cedar is another good choice, which is a little less expensive than cypress, but will need to be sealed. Both of these woods have natural resistance to insects, fungus, and rot.

3. Domestic Hardwoods That Are Durable And Ideal For Marine Environments

Some domestic hardwoods can also be a good choice for decking in a marine environment, such as white oak or white maple. Both of these examples also have red species, which are not as durable and are known to have problems with rot and insects. Domestic species can be ideal for surfaces in covered areas that are not directly exposed to the sun and weather, such as in a boat house or lift. For a dock surface, the best and most affordable choice is probably going to be a white oak.

These are some wood materials that you may want to consider in a marine environment. If you need help choosing the best wood solutions for your dock or marine structure, contact a dock building service and talk with them about some of these woods for your project. 


11 May 2016