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2 Tips To Help You Conceptualize Your New Kitchen

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The first step in a kitchen remodel doesn't require swinging a hammer or measuring a board. Before any work can be done, the project must first be conceptualized. Envisioning a completed remodel before any work is done, however, is difficult. If you're having your kitchen remodeled, here are two tips to help you conceptualize what you want the finished kitchen to look like.

Pick Out Your Appliances

Picking out appliances is fun and easy, and the appliances you select will impact some of the other decisions you make. Thus, this is a good place to begin.

When first selecting appliances for your new kitchen, don't worry too much about color. Unless you are designing a red kitchen and know you want all crimson-colored appliances, you can put off deciding on a specific color until later.

At first, focus only on the size of your new appliances. Do you want them to be larger than your current ones? Would you like a range with six burners instead of four? Figure out how much larger of a fridge, oven, stove and dishwasher you want, and then visit a nearby hardware store.

At a hardware store, you can see just how much space appliances take up. Look at ones that are the size you want, and picture how they'll fit in your kitchen. This will help you figure out how much floor, counter and cupboard space will be left once these appliances are installed.

Map Out Your Kitchen

After your old kitchen is ripped out, ask your remodeler if you can walk through before they begin building the new kitchen. Most remodelers will be fine with this request.

By this point in time, you should have an idea of which appliances you want, and there shouldn't be anything in your kitchen except a floor, walls and ceiling. Take a piece of chalk and map out exactly where your appliances, sink and counters will go. Measure out each feature, and create an outline of your entire kitchen.

Once everything is drawn in chalk, make a mock meal or two. Pretend you're getting breakfast ready or cooking dinner. Does the flow of the kitchen work for you? Is there enough room to move around?

If you're constantly crossing a chalk line as you move around, something will be in your way. Talk with your remodeler about how the new kitchen can be redesigned to make it more user friendly.

Share Your Thoughts

As you look at appliances and map out your new kitchen, share your thoughts with your remodeler. These two suggestions will help you conceptualize your new kitchen, but then you have to share your insights with your remodeler so they can make any necessary adjustments before they begin installing new features.

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25 April 2016