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Central Air Conditioning Maintenance for Inefficiency: Things to Know

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Has your central air conditioning system cooled your house for years but is now having problems with cooling efficiency? The inefficiency of the system may stem from your not investing in preventive maintenance throughout the years. Find out below what kind of maintenance your air conditioning might need to regain efficiency as well as what a new system is estimated to cost.

What Kind of Maintenance Does an Inefficient Air Conditioner Need?

One of the important parts of a central air conditioning system that can interfere with efficiency is the thermostat. A contractor may need to inspect the thermostat to determine if it is still functioning correctly. For instance, the needle that shows you what the temperature in your house is may need to be replaced. It is possible that your air conditioning system is inefficient because you think the thermostat is on a certain number, but it is actually not because the needle is malfunctioning. The contractor may need to replace the thermostat altogether if it is simply old.

Another area of the air conditioning system that requires occasional maintenance is the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is actually one of the most vital parts that determines how efficient your air conditioner will be. The coil is used for transforming warm air into cold air. The refrigerant in the system turns into a gas that makes the metal of the coil cold. Warm air touches the cold metal and cools down enough to reach the temperature that you want. It is possible that system inefficiency is from dirt being on the coil, but a contractor may have to replace it if cracks are the issue.

The air ducts can also be the root of the inefficiency problem. The duct system requires a thorough cleaning by a professional every once in a while to prevent dirt, debris and rodent droppings from interfering with the amount of air making it out of the vents. If the price to get your system repaired to bring efficiency back is too high, you might want to just replace the old system with a new one.

What Is the Price of a New Central Air Conditioning System?

If you need an entirely new central air conditioning system that includes air duct replacement, expect it to cost a minimum of $7,000 and up. You will save money if your air ducts are generally in good shape and can still be used, as it will only cost $3,500 or more for a new air conditioner. Hire a contractor from a company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating (West Pasco) to perform an inspection and maintenance or replace the entire air conditioning system as soon as you notice problems.


18 December 2015