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Important Considerations When Selecting Roofing Materials For A Dome Roof


Dome style roofs are popular for gazebos and architectural details such as dormers or turrets on a main house. The roof essentially resembles an upside down bowl with sharper angles, which can provide a great deal of visual interest depending on the roofing material used. If you have a dome roof that you need a roofing company to repair or replace, there are a few important considerations when selecting new roof materials.

Visible Surface Area and Project Budget

The shape of a dome gives the roof a much larger surface area than more straightforward roofing designs, which tend to just have two upwards-sloping sides and a peak. Large surface area can greatly increase the cost of roofing material and force your decision based on budgetary concerns.

When replacing a dome roof, consider the overall size of the surface area and how much of that surface area is actually visible to someone passing by your house. For example, a small gazebo roof is likely entirely visible to someone standing on the ground. You might consider slate or wood shingles due to the visual appeal and the fact that the smaller roof won't make the project too expensive with those materials.

Is your dome roof on a high turret on your home? You might consider using asphalt shingles that are fabricated to mimic the look of slate or wood at a fraction of the cost.

Waterproofing Needs

Turret domes likely connect to another type of roof on the main part of the house. Those connect points can become a weakened point for waterproofing as not all roofing materials snap together closely enough to form a tight corner.

Metal roofing can solve this problem. Strips of metal can snap together tightly and form a standing seam, which also helps water drain off your roof faster.

The metal roofing is also far lower maintenance than wood or slate shingles as neither weather nor collision damage causes much damage to metal. Wood shingles, on the other hand, are very vulnerable to insect and weather damage and require frequent maintenance to keep the shingles looking attractive.

Metal roofing can look less attractive than slate or wood shingles. But the appearance isn't necessarily a deciding factor if the dome roof is up high enough that people on the ground can't see the shingles in detail.

You can also use a combination method. Have your roofing company install wood or slate shingles around the bottom most portion of the dome, which is more visible from the ground, and then use metal shingles on the top and rear sides of the dome.

For more information or assistance, contact a company like Alpen Roofing.


27 October 2015