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What To Consider Before You Invest In New Seamless Gutters

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When you're a homeowner that's about to invest in a new seamless gutter system, there are a few things you should consider before you start. Seamless gutters are a great investment for your home, because they can offer a lifetime of worry-free protection and beauty when properly installed. But because there are so many options on the market, not to mention ways in which these gutters can be installed, there are some things you need to know before you have anything installed.

Not All Seamless Gutters are Created Equal

Seamless gutters are manufactured or formed on-site from an extruding machine that creates a gutter without the segmentation that will eventually lead to leaks. But even though seamless gutters can offer reliable leak-protection for years, not every material, gauge, and channel size used can hold up against your particular environmental extremes.

So when you're considering the customization part of the process, you'll want to consider the material first. The best seamless gutters, like copper and stainless steel, are more expensive, but ultimately offer superior protection against rust. Next down the line is aluminum that comes from a non-recycled source, as it is more consistent in thickness than recycled aluminum, giving you better protection from clogs and uneven deterioration. Though vinyl offers an affordable solution for your home, it is the first material to degrade under severe conditions.

If you've selected metal as a material, price dictates the gauge and gutter width, but the higher you go, the better you'll fare against clogs. Clogs in galvanized steel can lead to rust, so choosing a higher gauge is always advisable if you choose steel. Channel size can also affect clogs, as choosing higher diameters will provide better passage of leaf material and debris, but it can also have an impact on the look of your home, so choose a channel that blends the best with your facade.

Additional Options

Beyond material, gauge, and channel size, you will also have either "K" or "U" shapes to choose from, as well as color options that can match the soffit, fascia, and exterior of your home. Galvanized materials offer you the best color selection, as vinyl gutters usually only have two options to choose from.

Before you have your gutters installed, you should understand also how they will be attached to your home. Screws offer superior protection over nails against winter conditions, but not all contractors and selections use screws when hanging gutters. If you can afford to update your soffit and fascia at the same time as your gutters, you may also want to consider doing all three of these improvements at once to improve the overall aesthetic effect you get from the installation.

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13 October 2015