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Water Filtration Systems For RVs

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While the use of a water-filtration system in your RV helps clear the water of sediment and contaminants that can make you sick, the type of system that will work best for your RV depends on your needs. If the water you use in your RV is dirty or has sediment, you need to filter all of it. Because some filtration systems clean and purify water better than others, it helps to have an understanding of what the different types of units do.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

While a reverse osmosis water-filtration system purifies water by removing all sediments and most minerals, it requires large quantities of water. Much of the water you use in the filtration process becomes waste water that you get rid of down the drain. Despite the waste, reverse osmosis provides a number of benefits:

  • Cheap to operate

  • Removes salts, minerals and other contaminants from water

  • Removes odors from water

  • Purifies water for cooking

  • Leaves you with clean, good-tasting drinking water


The water in RV water tanks can get contaminated easily, but the filter you use to strain contaminants out of the water can affect the water flow, or volume of water you get. Therefore, the size of the filter matters. Smaller filters with fewer holes restrict water flow. Larger water filters have more holes, which give you better flow.

Inline Water Filter

If you use your RV only occasionally, an inline water filter that attaches directly to a water line may be all you need. But if you do a lot of traveling and want to filter all the water in the holding tank of your RV, you will need a unit that combines sediment removal and carbon filtration to remove bacteria. While this type of unit removes odors from water and improves the taste, it has a limited flow rate and sediment removal.

Canister Filtration System

If you use your RV often, a canister water-filtration system allows for better water flow. Filter cartridges are available in one-canister, two-canister, or three-canister systems. A one-canister system reduces some sediment, removes odors from water, and improves its taste. A two-canister system does the same, but it also removes some of the lead and other heavy metals from the water. You may want to install a three-canister system if you have serious problems with sentiment in the water.

Carbon Filters

If the water you use is chlorinated, installing a carbon filter in your filtration system removes the smell and taste of chlorine from the water. Water filter cartridges are rated according to class. Class I filters remove more of the chlorine from water than the other classes.

Modified carbon block filters use chemical absorption to remove contaminants and other impurities from water. Although they are more expensive than granular carbon filters, carbon block filters also have a small micron rating, which means they can remove smaller particles. Because of their better flow rate and longer life, the filters are popular for RV use.


Similar to carbon filtration, de-ionization removes mineral ions from water. Although hard minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, in water can form deposits in the pipes and plumbing fixtures in your RV, mineral filters that absorb the minerals in water are more expensive. You can treat hard water with a water softener that uses table salt or potassium chloride. Potassium chloride is more eco-friendly and adds less sodium to your diet.

For more information about water purification, contact places like Valley Pump Inc.


24 July 2015