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Three Alternative Choices for a Modern Septic System for Your Home

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If your home is like many homes, you may not have sewer service. This means that you have to have a septic system installed. Conventional septic systems consist of a tank and a drainage system, but cannot be installed for every home. Due to problems like poor soil quality, you may have to have an alternative septic system installed. This is a system that is designed to process waste before it goes to the drainage system to prevent groundwater contamination. If you need an alternative septic system for your home, here are a few of the options you have:

1. Mound Systems for Areas with High Water Tables

Mound systems can be a great choice for the septic system in your home. A mound system is where the drainage system is built above the grade level. It is then covered with soil to create a mound. This is the type of the system that is needed when the water table is too high and there is not enough soil layers for the waste to be filtered. These systems can also be contained in landscaping structures like retaining walls to make the system not noticeable.

2. Aerobatic Systems for Homes with Poor Soils

Sometimes, the soil can be poor and not filter waste well. When there is poor soil, an alternative treatment system may need to be installed. Aerobatic septic systems can be installed in these cases. These are systems where the waste is treated in a series of tanks before it goes to the drain field. They are like small water treatment systems that treat waste to prevent ground water contamination.

3. Self-Contained Systems for a Green Septic Solution

In some cases, you may want to have a self-contained system. These systems are like aerobatic septic systems that treat waste thoroughly. The waste-water from these systems can then be reused for things like irrigation or flushing toilets. This is a great solution where ground water contamination is a concern such as areas near bodies of water or homes that have shallow water wells. The self-contained system will prevent any waste from reaching water supplies.

These are some of the options you have for alternative septic systems for your home. Depending on your soil tests, you may need to have one type of system or another. Contact a septic system contractor like Country Well & Pump Inc and talk with them about the best system for the needs of your home.


15 July 2015