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Tips For Overseeing And Maintaining Your Fire Extinguisher

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Whether you're looking to secure a small home or you're required to provide guarantees to a large industrial complex, a fire extinguisher is a vital part of any safety regimen. However, many people merely assume that their fire extinguisher will be there when they need it, and they consequently don't perform the necessary preemptive tasks to guarantee its effective operation.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for overseeing and maintaining fire extinguishers on your property. Following these suggestions will help guarantee that you're able to respond quickly and effectively in a crisis and could even be the difference between dealing with a minor annoyance or major property damage and, potentially, loss of life.

Guarantee Access

When you notice a fire, it's important to act quickly. Fire is difficult to predict even under the most controlled circumstances, and a building fire is likely to be fed by unexpected fuel sources that can cause it to leap and grow in strength with very little warning.

Be sure that your fire extinguisher is always in an easily accessible area and not blocked by doors, difficult to navigate furniture, or even common objects like coat racks. Guaranteeing that you not only know the location of your extinguisher but that you also have access to it is the best way to make sure you can decrease your response time.

Check the Pressure

A fire extinguisher holds suppression chemicals under pressure so that when you pull the pin and squeeze the trigger, they'll be quickly and forcefully dispensed. This means that you have to keep track of the pressure of your extinguishers in order to make sure they'll be able to perform when the time comes.

Most commercially available fire extinguishers have a gauge with brightly colored indicators of the proper pressure. Making regular checks to verify that your extinguishers are all in the green zone is the best way to guarantee that you won't be surprised by a malfunction if the time ever comes to use them.

Track Expiration Dates

The chemicals which charge your fire extinguishers don't last forever, and the government mandated inspection tags that hang on extinguishers aren't merely for show. Fire suppression chemicals have a relatively short shelf life, and after they expire, they'll be nearly useless in helping you combat a quickly spreading fire. Make sure that you keep an accurate record of the expiration dates of all fire extinguishers on your property and that you rotate them out appropriately.

If you have questions about the fire extinguishers you already have or know you need new ones, get in touch with a company like the Fire Extinguisher Service Center.


29 May 2015