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Four Things You Will Want To Consider When Installing Rooftop Decks

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Rooftop decks can be a great addition to your home, but they can also be a source of many problems. For this reason, you will want to make sure that the decks are built right from the start. It is important to check structural loads and have adequate support, as well as ensure that waterproofing and roof flashing is done correctly. If you want to have a roof top deck added to your home, here are four things that you will want to check first:

1. Checking The Structural Support Of Roof Decks

When adding a rooftop deck to your home, it is important to consider structural support. This means that the load of the deck has to be carried all the way down to the foundation. You have a choice between decorative or functional deck. If you want a functional deck, you will also want to consider the extra load of people and any furniture or items that may be on the deck.  LVL beams can be used to carry heavy loads, and carried on load-bearing walls. You may also need to have support beams installed inside your home where loads need to be located.

2. Sloping The Deck For Roof Drainage

As with any deck that is attached to your home, you will want to have a slope on the deck to allow for water runoff. This can be done by cutting a slope on 2x4 materials; mark the board 1/2 inch at one end to nothing at the other and mark a line on it.  This can work on many different lengths and give you the slope you need. You can make the low side 1 inch if you want to have more of a slope for your deck. This can then be screwed to the top of the porch beams. It is important not to do this to engineered beams because it compromises their integrity.

3. Adding Drainage Around Roof Decks

Drainage is also important on a rooftop deck, which usually is done by adding flashing. There are other things that can be done, such as adding channels that act as gutters. Using a drainage system can be good for water collection, or for decks that are located in an area that are difficult to slope to the roof for drainage. The deck can also be sloped to a center point in the deck with a roof drain to allow water to runoff from the roof and into a plumbing drain.

4. Flashing And Roofing The Roof Top Deck Area

Flashing the roof deck is something that is important. In some cases, the rooftop deck may have an exterior wall that acts as a railing. If the roof slopes down to the wall, it is important that it has a slope going to the corners, like what is on the back of chimneys. This is called a cricket, and you will want to have this and the flashing done before any exterior finishes are installed on the wall. You may want to consider having the roofer install an additional layer of rubber membrane to give you additional protection against water leaks.

When adding rooftop decks to your home, these are some of the things that you will want to consider. If you need help installing a new roof and adding a rooftop deck, contact a professional roofing contractor like McCullers Roofing to get the help you need.


18 March 2015