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Learn How To Replace The Lock On Your Garage Door

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If you go to your garage and notice that the lock has been broken, it is important to replace it as soon as possible. Replacing the lock on a garage door is not overly difficult. Use the following guide to learn how to take care of the situation quickly and easily:

Measure the Lock

When you go to replace the lock on your garage door, you want to be sure that you choose a replacement lock that is the same size as the lock that you currently have on your door. There are holes that are drilled into the garage door for the locking mechanism to fit through. Making sure that you choose a replacement lock that is the same size will allow you to replace the lock without having to drill new holes through the door.

Buy the Lock

You can find replacement locks for your garage door at just about any home improvement store. You can choose to buy a lock that requires a pin, key, or even your fingerprint to open it. When you are choosing the lock, you want to be sure that you can open it with ease, but that other people will have a hard time opening it.

Replace the Lock

Open the door halfway so that you can easily gain access to the lock. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that are holding the current lock in place. Carefully remove the lock from the door to ensure that you do not cause any damage to the door. Place the new lock into place and use the screwdriver to tighten the screws to keep it secure.

Test the Lock

Be sure that you take the time to test the lock before you close and lock the door. You want to be sure that you lock works well or you could end up locking yourself out of the garage. If your lock has a fingerprint scanner, you may have to program it before you can use it. Be sure to take your time when programming it to ensure that you do it properly.

If you feel that you may not be able to handle the replacement on your own, you can hire a garage door repair company to handle the replacement for you. They will send a technician to your home who will be able to replace the lock within a matter of minutes for you. To learn more, contact a company like American Eagle Garage Door Services.


6 March 2015