Creating A Great Construction Environment

About a year ago, I realized that there were a few things that I needed to do around the house to make my place feel more like a home. For starters, I knew that I needed to replace the carpet, since it was damaged from years of use. Unfortunately, I knew that I didn't have the skills to take care of things on my own, so I turned to a team of professional contractors. They were incredible to work with, and even taught me how to create a great construction environment for my team. After the project was done, I knew that I wanted to make a blog about creating a positive construction environment.

Three Projects To Make Use Of Tree Removal Timber Using An Alaskan Sawmill


Tree services will do a tree removal and often haul the timber away from your home. If you are a person that likes to do DIY projects and you have a chainsaw, you may want to use the wood for your own projects. The tree service may even give you a discount if they do not have to haul the timber or cut it into smaller pieces for firewood.  Instead you can use an Alaskan sawmill to make usable lumber for your projects.  An Alaskan sawmill is a simple chainsaw bar attachment that you can easily use to mill timber with a chainsaw. Here are three projects that you can do with this lumber:

1. Cutting Timber Planks For Flooring

One of the easiest projects you will be able to do with an Alaskan sawmill is cut planks for flooring. You will just want to cut the planks an inch or to, which will allow room to work with them on a table saw and other shop equipment. Once you have cut the planks with your sawmill, you can cut them to uniform sizes with a table saw. You can also use the table saw to cut 1/4 to 1/2 inch lips on one side of every board. This will give you a lip to overlap the flooring for expansion gaps, so you will not have any gaps when you install the flooring. This can make great flooring for a workshop or other areas of your home.

2. Milling Beams For Outdoor Structures

You can also use the timber from your tree removal to make beams for outdoor structures. The benefit of this is that you can make them in any size you want. If you want to make an outdoor workshop, this can be a great source of raw materials for your design. You can also use it for things like arbors and other structures. You will just need to make sure that you treat the wood with some type of wood sealant to protect it from the outdoor elements.

3. Making Furniture With Milled Hardwoods

If you have hardwoods like oak removed, this can be great material to use for furniture projects. You can cut wide planks to make things like solid cabinetry doors, tabletops or even simple outdoor benches. It is a good idea to have a couple of sharp chains for your chainsaw when milling this lumber, because it can quickly ruin a chainsaw chain. If you like to do furniture making projects, using your own hardwood for lumber is a very rewarding experience.

These are some of the projects that you may want to do with a tree you have removed and lumber you make with an Alaskan chainsaw mill. If you have trees that you need to have cut down, contact a tree service, and ask them to leave the timber in lengths you can use to mill lumber.


23 January 2015